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6 reasons why you need irrigation system

need irrigation system

6 reasons why you need irrigation system

Irrigation system is something what looks after water demands of garden plants without active supervision during the whole growing season. A well-designed and installed irrigation system supplies the water for lawn, shrubs, flowers, adapted to their seasonal needs whilst taking the natural precipitation into consideration too.

Garden lovers probably know the law of barrell (just to stay at a water-based example). This theory means that if a wooden barrel is made of boards of different lengths, how much water the barrel can contain is decided by the shortest board.

I am sure you also want to achieve the best overall result with your plants: long term fantastic ornamental value. Spreading high quality compost on the best topsoil, applying the appropriate tillage technology, using fertilizers, covering the surface against weeds and evaporation are all amongst them. Ergo when you use all these techniques to achieve the best result you should supply the adequate water amount for your garden too. The right amount in the right time. And this is where an automatic irrigation system is unbeatable.

Regardless of the unreliable summer precipitation, when dry and rainy periods vary unpredictably an irrigation system is the island of peace. It does its job hidden, quiet and staunch. And good to know: climate change becomes worse in the next decade in the UK. Although the winter precipitation increases by around 30%, the summer one decreases by 50-70 according to most of climate models.

Why an irrigation system good for you

Let’s see what you can expect from a professional irrigation system.

need irrigation system

Incredibly Beautiful Garden

Not surprisingly this is the first on the list as it’s something that is expected from an irrigation system.

Providing water in the same time every day repeatedly is something that the plants can get used to it easily. It gives chance for them to turn all their energy into growing and blooming without getting in stress due to lack of water.

It’s a good fun to water the plants by hand when we have time and mood. But doing it every day on a regular basis becomes an exhausting nuisance after a while.

In contrast of this, an irrigation system doesn’t need supervision. It works by programs automatically, day by day. Newer smart systems are able to adapt the programs to the forecasted weather as well but even the traditional ones demand just a little seasonal adjusting effort as they can follow the fallen precipitation and amend the next running time to it.

What’s more, when you go on holiday you don’t have to worry about supplying water for your garden. You don’t have to ask your neighbour, family members, anyone. The irrigation system is there to persevere.

need irrigation system

Save Time

need irrigation system

Save Money

Water consumption of a tailored irrigation system consumes only a fragment of any other known irrigation solution. It’s very economical. It irrigates exactly as much as it’s and when is necessary.

In addition to it the program can even run during the night (or dawn) when evaporation loss is the least. It avoids the high daytime evaporation when the plants are working on absorption of nutrients anyway and can turn less energy to suck water up.

Overall saving can be upto 50% compared to the traditional watering taking every part of the garden into consideration. This is a very strong reason besides irrigation systems.

You shouldn’t forget about the value of the garden you own. People tend ho view for their garden like part of the nature and nature is very generous when supplies us with its gifts without consideration.

But creating a piece of nature around our house consumes lots of physical and financial energy. Nowadays a well-presented garden is a high value invention. Nice and fashionable plants are very expensive and delicate, and we haven’t even talked about their planting and maintenance costs. Ignoring plant’s needs can lead to their devaluation or death which is a costly game.

Fortunately the most wanted water can be supplied reliably by irrigation systems.

Save Your Investment

need irrigation system

Increase Property Value

An irrigation system not just keeps your garden in good condition and prevents it from loosing its value.

The system itself raises the value of your property like any other lasting investment, for example a conservatory or roof extension. Not talking about the psychological impact that suggests the owner of this property cares about all aspects of its value and condition.

Tiny water droplets of sprayed water bind the dust and pollens. That makes the irrigation systems very popular among allergic people and everyone else who tries to save his health.

need irrigation system

Healthier Environment

Why an irrigation system good for Plants

Planters and beds

Your beloved plants are menaced by drought if they are either tightened into small planters or live in weak easy-to-dry soil during their most productive period. Especially annuals and perennials are exposed to the fast drying-up and they loose their energy quickly in full blooming.

Some of exotic plants demand higher humidity or damp soil and both are obviously good reasons besides an irrigation system.

The lawn is a different case. By a consequent maintenance plan you can grow perfect lawn. But good to know strict regulations must be observed in the field of soil preparation, fertilization, chemical plant protection and mechanical cultivation. And you still have a chance to have a dry period during the summer and the lawn get burnt or loose its vitality just in that period when the other techniques above cannot help to keep its genuine beauty. And you have to wait more weeks getting your green lawn back.

This situation is frustrating because there are only few weeks in the year to enjoy and use your turf. Best practice to avoid this and apply less from the other works is getting an irrigation system.



Most important goal to achieve with a vegetable garden to get healthy, tasty home-grown harvests from controlled source. Don’t think there are better things than pick fleshy tomatoes or springy courgettes from your own plots. Or walk out there and collect some strawberries for the kids as a healthy snack in the afternoon. But all these plants need regular watering. That means you have to spend long time with that boring job regularly. There is no more convenient way triggering this than installing an irrigation system.

Why an irrigation system good for Earth

A well-designed irrigation system not just makes the gardening easier and more enjoyable. It provides the water for the plants right in time at the right place.

Dripline originally designed in one of the driest country in the world: Israel. Fantasctic results have been achieved with this technology: 80% water-saving compared to traditional agricultural irrigation. Since this stunning technology is available in gardening every garden owners has the possibility to reduce her/his water consumption by providing the water right at its location of usage: at the root zone.

And the developments are not stopped yet. Newest inventions, like smart controllers and connected sensors are able to adjust the starting and running times to the past weather and the forecast as well.

Producing clean water demands energy. Every water drop saved helps to reduce this energy consumption and helps to save the Earth.

Mass Of Benefits

Having an irrigation system is a win-win situation. Balanced water supply for plants, conserve water for future of the Earth and saving money for you. Above all that it will save you the time you spent with hand watering before and literally increases value of your property. That’s why you need irrigation system.

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