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Aftercare Service From The Only Irrigation Specialist In Cambridgeshire

Installing an irrigation system is a challenge as we have to work in and with the live nature. There are unknown soil conditions like earth patches, old building structures, hidden pipes and thick roots. Some of them can be avoided, some need design amendment whilst others turn out after a while. Climate, weather conditions and soil structure makes the things even more unsure. This is why we provide our Aftercare Service.

We desing and install our systems by our best knowledge based on the survey information but it will still remain a general layout. They show their real values and possible weaknesses in the following season only. Having an irrigation system is longer learning process for you and sometimes for us.

Take An Example

Just an example: imagine that you have a simple rectangle lawn with no surrounding trees or large plants. The layout is simple: popup sprinklers can water it even distance from each other. The turf is perfectly evenly covered after the installation. But after half year you discover that quarter of the lawn is always soaked. Why?

Because there’s a waterproof clay layer close to the surface but under the installation depth. How should we know about? No way. How should you know about? No way.

Fortunately we provide a professional Aftercare Service. Next time, when our engineer is in your area, he will visit you and replace one or more nearby popup nozzles and/or adjusts the sprinklers not to hit the area that often or don’t deliver that much water than before. Problem sorted.

There are other examples to mention but the point is: you won’t be left alone with any problems on your irrigation system.

What Do We Provide In Our Aftercare Service?

We have an online Irrigation LIbrary with full of articles about different irrigation system components, their maintenance, also maintenance guides and some videos to learn from.

We are always available via What’sApp, phone or our ticketing system and any of your concerns will be answered shortly, including guides and advices.

You can turn to our chatbot shortly to get the essence of our knowledge library concentrated on your problem only.

If you have a smart controller connected to the internet, then we are happy to amend or revise your irrigation program.

Finally our engineers can be booked to visit you with one of our well-equipped vans and sort the non-predictable problems in your system’s first season for free. If you have a traditional controller then we can revise your irrigation program during this visit by request.

It’s all beyond the first year free maintenance offered with our newly installed irrigation systems (T’s&C’s apply.)

Of course we are ready to help with any other issues in our call-out service, or for customers with systems that not installed by us. And we supply the usual Two-Visit Maintenance Service for garden irrigation systems.

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