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Well / Borehole

Drilled or dug wells are also good water source for irrigation system if their water capacity suits the water usage of the system.

Regarding use of natural water source we have a good news for you. It may be your right if you live in a private, domestic property neighbouring these water sources. Hypothetically you can draw up to 20,000 litres per day without an extraction license, but we always recommend to check with the local office of the Environment Agency before start to use.

Usually the extractable amount of water is unknown at these type of source hence gaining the water from them is advised by a smaller capacity pump which is suitable to overcome the necessary lifting height, when the water will be collected in a tank.

The other reason why the two-step water usage is commonly used because the water may need some treatment before use due to e.g. high sand or iron content or other sediments. Filtering it can be sorted easier and more reliable before the high pressure stage.

When the tank is filled, the high pressure irrigation pump will supply the water from the tank to the irrigation system.

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