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You probably need irrigation system repair as long as you read this.

Sometimes problems turn up because what can get damaged that will.
When you feel yourself confident in repair, you can find some itineraries on our website, how to do easy repairs on an irrigation system.

We are here and ready to supply with professional help.

regular maintenance

Two-Visit SUbscription Plan

Regular maintenance of your irrigation system is inevitable to keep it in good and efficient shape. It makes sure that your system always performs its best during the dry summer season.

Our Two-Visit Subsription Plan supplies your system the best available regular maintenance on the market for an affordable price.

And not just that.

Engineers Round The Clock

Our trained enginners do site visits day by day to detect and fix problems on various irrigation systems in frame of our contracted service or as an ad hoc order.

Most parts available straight away at first visit from our well-equipped vans.

Keep Upgrading To The Best

New inventions change the world every day. By using the newest equipments, like smart flow meters, evapotranspiration sensors and wifi controllers can save more water and supply more efficient watering.

Ask our engineers about the best available upgrade to your system.

Maintenance Timed

Reliable working of your system is inevitable from point of your plants hence the regular maintenance cannot be skipped. Keeping your system in good health is protecting your investment as well.

You can get a quote for our regular maintenance service below.

Other Services


Do you have serious leak or drought in the garden? Immediate help on its way.

Season Service

Keep your irrigation system in the best health during the whole season.

Remote Supervision

We can follow your Hunter wifi system and intervene remotely or on site.


Add new sensors or replace the old equipments to something better.


Add new zone, sprinkler, micro or only one pot bubbler. No jobs too small.

What To Expect At Irrigation Maintenance Service VisitS?

Regular Irrigation Maintenance

Two Visit Service duties


How Do We Work?

Our service engineers, seasoned experts in the field of automatic irrigation with years of experience, are well-acquainted with the myriad challenges that may arise in your system. Their extensive knowledge ensures a thorough understanding of potential issues, allowing for efficient and effective problem-solving.

In line with the ever-evolving landscape of the irrigation market, our colleagues actively engage in regular training sessions. This commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments ensures that our team is well-informed and equipped to address emerging challenges. We recognize the importance of continuous learning in an industry characterized by innovation, and our dedication to training reflects our commitment to providing top-notch service.

Our irrigation service vehicles stand ready with comprehensive equipment, enabling us to swiftly resolve any issues that may arise. Whether it’s troubleshooting, repairs, or routine maintenance, our team is prepared to handle it all, minimizing downtime and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your irrigation system.

When replacement becomes necessary, we exclusively utilize professional parts from market-leading brands. These reputable components not only guarantee quality but also contribute to the overall reliability of your system. You can rest assured that the use of these high-quality materials, coupled with our expertise, ensures the long-lasting, trouble-free functionality of your irrigation system. The combination of skilled professionals, ongoing training, and the use of premium components underscores our commitment to delivering a service that exceeds expectations, ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your automatic irrigation system.

Why Choose Us?

We work in the irrigation industry since 2005.

Our irrigation service call-out fees are the lowest in the area. We don’t want to pull you down but build a long-term business.

We are ready to help with short response time even in our peak season

We provide wide customer support via our Aftercare Service for free following the installation.

Check out our reviews on Google or Facebook.

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Before Call The Irrigation Specialist

Irrigation System Troubleshooting

If you have pump in your system just switch off your irrigation controller by turning the centre switch to the “Off’” position. If there is no pump in the system, jump to the next step.
If the water is still running turn off the main water tap where your irrigation system is connected to.
Take pictures about the damage caused by the leak and send us with the online call-out booking together.

Sounds serious. Unless the smoke or fire around the irrigation controller or outside pump, something else must cause the problem.

In first case, isolate the power by the main irrigation switch and call us.

Otherwise switch the main fuse off in your house immediately and call an electrician.

If your plants are flooded by irrigation water it often means there is a problem with the programming.
Please switch off the controller by the centre turning switch and book an appointment with us for irrigation repair.

Definitely a programming problem. Switch off your controller and run through the manual or our guide of programming traditional controllers.
Most of the traditional irrigation controllers have confusing programming process. If you have one of them please book an appointment online to get that straight on.
If you have smart irrigation controller with wifi connection you can ask our office to look into the schedule and set the program. It’s free if you have a service plan.

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