Lawn sprinklers

Managed From Your Chair

Invisible technology of popup sprinklers helps to make turf soft and luxurious. Without even getting off from your armchair.

Dripline For the beauty

Even Watering Is Essential For Plants. Saving Water Is The Same For You And The Earth. Ask Your Irrigation Specialist About Benefit Of Drip Irrigation.

Effortless Pot Irrigation

Individually adjustable bubblers installed in each pot, planter, hanging basket and solitaire. And Forget The Watering Can.

Small gardens spelled to miracle

By Irrigation Specialists

Get even the smallest area irrigated. Ideal for tiny front garden heavens.

Cut your water bill

Automatic irrigation is cost-effective by working at night when the natural evaporation is the least. Neither over- nor underwatering but the right amount for every plant.

Save The World

Saving the valuable drinking water is the main point where an irrigation system is unbeatable.

Further lot can be saved with rain harvesting and smart controllers.

Enjoy Your Free Time

Get rid of hand watering frees up a lot of time. You can spend it with more productive activities or just bending back in the rockchair. The choice is yours.

Introduction of Hunter Hydrawise

How quick can be to get irrigation system in Your Area

First day

Book A Free Consultation

Every garden is different and unique and this is amazing. Hence when you decided to get an irrigation system in your area installed in you garden we have to make a survey there and based on that to make a design.

First day

2-7 days

Clarify your needs

Based on the consultation and survey we supply an estimate with some recommendations to the planned system. Based on all these you can work out your final imagination regarding the ideal system you want.

2-7 days

3-8 days

Accept the quote

When you accept our quote you can be sure you are not just getting an easy-to-handle and high quality reliable system but one year guarantee and free service as well. Your system will be prepared for the season(s) and also for winter from the first connection to the last nozzle.

3-8 days

10-30 days

Get your system done

Most of the systems can be installed in two weeks from the order depending on demands and season (obviously the summer is always busy). If you have a possibility, don’t hesitate to contact us out of season and you can start to enjoy your watering-free summer when others are still waiting for their irrigation system in your area. What’s more there is longer time for your garden for regenerating after the installation before its intensive season starts.

10-30 days

Where is this silly name from?

Welcome to The Gardener’s Rain, the only irrigation specialist in Your Area

Irrigation system is recommended by four out of every five gardeners in England to avoid hectic natural precipitation in the growing season. It’s not a miracle but common sense.

Watering every plant under control on a neat and reliable way without extremely boring time-robber hand watering and hundred meter of tiwsted up hoses.

Supplying the adequate amount of water for the plants to achieve the best thriving.

Saving water with intelligent predictive watering complemented accurate rain sensing.

We install irrigation system following our high standard with decade experience that works as a good gardener-managed rain.

irrigation specialist

Don’t take just our words…

Here are some real reviews from our customers about The Gardener’s Rain Irrigation Specialists. Of course, if you prefer to get in touch with some of them, we can provide their contacts during the quoting process by request.

The Gardener's Rain Irrigation Specialists IconThe Gardener's Rain Irrigation Specialists

30 Middle Street, Great Gransden, Sandy

5.0 8 reviews

  • Avatar Rosey Matu
    This company is very helpful.Nick was amazing on both occasions and offered advice and support with my irrigation system.I thought I’d need to spend hundreds of pounds, installing a new system, but Nick was able to fix all the pipes and … More offered solutions going forward.Communication was prompt and efficient via email.Nick is genuinely a great guy. Nothing was too much trouble for him.I highly recommend this company.
    ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
  • Avatar Kevin Sharp
    Approached Gardener’s Rain for a consultation. Nick explained thoroughly that the irrigation system I was after was possible , even with the areas where I had been told before pots and beds wouldn’t be covered.Happy to report the system … More was ordered, the communication throughout was excellent and the job was very efficiently carried out.This now allows us to have more control through the app than expected.Highly recommend Gardener’s Rain to anyone, very impressed from start to finish.
    ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
  • Avatar Christopher Tarmu
    Nick keeps our irrigation system working smoothly with his twice yearly visits. He is easy to work with, seems a nice guy, and always turns up! He certainly takes the hassle away, would definitely recommend him.
    ★★★★★ 7 months ago
  • Avatar Tiffany Wiggett
    We had Nick install a pop up sprinkler system and irrigation system in our front and back garden in Spring. Originally this was something we thought we might attempt ourselves but we are so glad we didn’t. Nick installed a rain sensor and … More we can control the whole system remotely via an easy to use app on our phone. Nick was prompt in coming out to quote and very reasonably priced. He installed our system in 1.5 days and it’s worked brilliantly. No more standing outside with the hosepipe for 45 mins each evening in the summer. It’s been a god send whilst we’ve been away also knowing we aren’t coming back to a dead lawn and plants. Nick provides a yearly maintenance service which we will be making use of. We cannot recommend him enough. A very nice, approachable and professional man. Tristan & Tiffany Benson.
    ★★★★★ 8 months ago

Top Parts Commonly Used By Irrigation Specialists In Irrigation Systems

Lawn sprinklers

Technology behind the spectacular look

Lawn sprinklers are the most known and most amazing parts of an irrigation system but that’s just one side of a coin.
Installing them is the most cost effective way to supply water evenly for the lawn naturally without compacting effect.
Usually they used for irrigating lawn or turf area but able to give excellent coverage for perennials or small shrubs as well. This case the heads are also placed in the lawn -in front of the beds- but the jets are directed towards the plants. The equipments are hidden in their case below the surface but when the zone is fired up the water pressure raises their stems above the surface. Due to the different usage demands sprinklers can be installed with shorter or longer stems from 2 upto 12 inches.

rotor sprinkler
rotator sprinkler


Best way to supply water for planters, pots and sovereign plants individually

These emitters with or without stake are the most simple way to supply water to pots and hanging baskets. They can also be installed on dripline for adding extra water for soliter plants.
Most of the time bubblers are installed as a separate zone on spaghetti pipes to lead them directly to the pots. Size of this pipe (6mm) makes easy to hide it behind the planters and lead them even between slabs or terrace boards nicely. Water flow of these bubblers are adjustable on a wide scale. Whatever is the demand of the plant it will get the right amount.
The adjusting mechanism even makes the full closing possible on bubblers so when some planters are not planted yet there is no wasting of water.

pot irrigation
pot irrigation


Emitting efficiency with the least loss

This invention is originated from Israel where the efficient use of valuable water is more important than anything. By its pressure-neutral emitters dripline is able to supply the same amount of water regardless the inlet pressure (above 0.5 bar). Hence it can be used effectively even in any low pressure main water operated irrigation system in your area.
Driplines are commonly used to irrigate flower and shrub beds. Depending on their type the lines are run 25-50 cm distance (generally 30 cm) from each other all along the beds.
When they are used in beds thay can be hid by mulch or chipping becoming nearly invisible this way. (Covering by compost or soil is not recommended because the roots of plants are tend to grow in it via the emitter holes and block them.)
Fairly new technology is the subsurface drip where the blocking issue is not a factor.Due to its relatively high price the subsurface drip is used for supplying water of exclusive turf areas without installation of sprinklers.

Micro sprinklers

Watering and rasing of humidity with the same device

Micro sprinklers are easy-to-install irrigation way with minimal disturbance of plants.
They can even be installed in quite wide shrub beds with only one feed laid in the middle of bed. Sprinklers are installed on stems and the stems can be moved around the connection point depending on the plant’s needs. Depending on their nozzles the micro sprinklers can cover circular areas between one and 4 m radius. Some type of them are adjustable or can be shut off. Micros are recommended for irrigating existing mature shrub beds but perform well in newly planted areas as well.

Interested More? You Can…

Our Activity

Full service in irrigation

We are specialist in our field and supply comprehensive service from design via installation to maintenance on any irrigation system in your area.

Our irrigation systems are always tailored to the client’s garden. Hence they are suitable for grass, annual and perennial flower beds, shrubs, hedges and trees. And also perfect for hanging baskets, potted plants, spice beds and vegetable plots.

Therefore optimum water amount is supplied for plants thanks to the sophisticated control system and precisely designed emitters. These controller systems are able to take into account the past and upcoming weather via wifi connection. What’s more they can be joined with popular home management systems easily, like Amazon Alexa or Nest.

Rain, wind, frost, evaporation and moisture sensors as part of smart and traditional irrigation systems can assist providing the ideal water amount for your beloved plants.


Our service starts with a free assessment* when all the relevant field information will be recorded together with measured pressure and water flow data on the mains water. Of course customer’s demands are prioritised during the process. Accurate information about the future water consumption per zones and service costs are also given by the design made. Our estimate contains offers of a possible upgrade or later system extension.

* In some areas. For full details see our Booking page.



wifi controller

Prior to work a utility service survey might become necessary for finding buried pipes and cables. Extremely important to do this in front gardens where present of these services are highly possible.
During the installation our lateral and feed pipes will be laid in channels or hide along fence or hedge as invisible as it’s possible. Channels are dug by trenching machine and by hand. Materials used at installation are all produced by market leader manufacturers and the ir built-in are implemented by our decade experience. All above are mirrored by our guarantee which can be extended in case of demand. First year service is offered for free* for every system installed by us for saving your investment. As a valuable customer you will also enjoy significant savings from the service fees of next seasons.

* For details see our Service page.

irrigation maintenance

Spring recomission and winter drainage are both recommendedto keep irrigation systems in healthy condition and avoid costly intervention.
Beyond these regular maintenance we offer call-out to sort urgent problems out and do minor extensions. Our service vans are equipped with service materials to manage usual service jobs straight away. Further discounts are provided on service materials and labour cost for contracted clients with any irrigation service in your area maintained by us regardless of the genuine installer. For learning our service activity see our Service page.



But Who Are You?

We are just a small but engaged family business established in 2005 on a different name, Garden Sector Ltd for doing garden maintenance and tree surgery.

During completion of some landscaping jobs we developed our irrigation system installation skills and finally decided to turn towards irrigation systems.
When the profile changed, we wanted to show our new activity in our name but express our enthusiasm towards plants as well. We still supply with one of the most important source, water.

We strongly believe a well designed and installed irrigation system in your area is able to support your plants as much as providing nutrients and appropriate maintenance by their loving owners.

What And Where

Installed From Us

The Gardener’s Rain Irrigation Specialists use revolutionary products of leading manufacturers (Hunter, Rain Bird, Orbit, Netafim, etc.) to build reliable and durable systems. Therefore we provide a corresponding product guarantee.

Our smart controllers can come from brilliant US-based startup companies or market leaders based on your choice. These unconventional computers use the latest innovative technology to achieve the best water coverage while using as little water as possible.

We use durable pumps originating from market-leader manufacturers. Keeping the pressure and also the water-flow problem-free for many years in accordance to the reliability of our irrigation systems.

In addition to these, our installation estimates always include our Optimum Maintenance Service for one-year as a free maintenance for your new system. You can expect from all of the above from our professional irrigation systems in your area.

Visit our FB page for more details.

We are looking forward to welcome you among our customers.

Check how to keep our prices low

Our aim to provide reliable service on affordable price in our service area, like {mpg_shire}.

Hence we are always ready to adapt methods and ideas which help us to keep our prices low.

We use a free booking system (hence you can see other branding during the booking process) to keep our constant costs low.

It’s convenient for you because you choose the most suitable date and time.

And very efficient for us, because all necessary information to get contacted you is automatically settled.

Our service vans are well-equipped with often used parts and materials.

When we get to you to do a service job, everything at our hand. Even if we can’t supply the identical part, in 95% of the cases we find a good replacement solution.

No double visits, low service fees.

Live work is the biggest cost of an installation.

For reducing this factor we have designed some special tools what you cannot see at other irrigation companies. By helping them our engineers are able to carry out certain workflows on their own which usually demand two workers.

For legal protection reasons we cannot show them here but you can get experience if you order your irrigation system from us.

Against other companies we are happy to share our experience with our website visitors to help in fault finding and troubleshooting. We don’t think you cannot repair a leak or reprogram a controller.
We don’t want to charge you due to an accidentaly switched off socket or even a small cut on a dripline.

You can find how-to posts on our website and some repair package to buy as well, to fix simple problems.

Of course we are always happy to help on site. Just book a service appointment.

We are about to finish the testing period of our Field Management system adapted to our needs exclusively.

From spring 2021 we only supply jobsheets, estimates and invoices in paperfree format to save the environment and obviously save money for our customers.


Irrigation Facts And Funs

Our articles regularly launched and can be found here.

Some of them is try to help in managing irrigation systems for those who feel confident to learn their control system and don’t afraid of doing the regular service on their own.

Others explain the installation process and possible techniques to develop the future owner’s demands to get the adequate system. Furthermore there are interesting photos of our service activity where we find supriging faults and damages.

Enjoy them on this website below, or you can get updated via Google or our Facebook page.

We hope these crumbles of knowledge add some help for garden owners who got irrigation system in your area.


What is irrigation system at all?

What is irrigation system? A very comfortable and water-saving way of watering in the garden. Get started all the things you need to do at designing section is to define what you want to get watered. Other circumstances, like soil difference, long-term shade, plants with different water demands, etc. will be considered during the design… Continue reading What is irrigation system at all?


Be that envied neighbour with luxurious green lawn. Get lawn sprinklers installed.

You can’t imagine what difference can lawn sprinklers make in your lawn. Especially compared to if your lawn is referred to the unpredictable rain only. Appearing of dried haulms cannot be avoided in mid summer without continuous water supplement. Although they can only be realised by a closer look but the whole lawn looks yellowish… Continue reading Be that envied neighbour with luxurious green lawn. Get lawn sprinklers installed.

Capacities Are Limited. Don’t Miss To Have Irrigation System In Your Area Before THe Hot Summer Begins.