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Freeze sensor

wired freeze sensor
wired freeze sensor
Hunter wireless rain and freeze sensor
Hunter wireless rain and freeze sensor

A freeze sensor is a device used in irrigation systems and other outdoor applications to detect the temperature They prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures. When the temperature drops below a predetermined threshold, the unit sends a signal to the irrigation controller. The controller then shuts off the system and prevent water from flowing through the pipes. This way the sensing unit prevents the pipes and solenoids from bursting due to freezing.

Freeze sensors are typically designed to be weather-resistant and durable. They may be connected to the controller via wires or wirelessly.

In addition to preventing damage caused by freezing temperatures, these units can also help to conserve water and save money on water bills. By shutting off the irrigation system when temperatures are too low for plant growth, water is not wasted on plants that cannot benefit from it.

Proper maintenance of this equipment is important to ensure accurate readings and prevent damage. The sensor should be inspected regularly for damage or debris that may affect its performance. Any necessary repairs or replacements should be made promptly.

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