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Isolator switch

IMost important emergency equipment of the irrigation system.

Irrigation systems use low and high voltage for working. Controllers, relays and pumps run with high voltage, whilst sensing and water distributing use low voltage.

Low voltage wires and cables cannot cause damage to health but high voltage cables and equipments can. Hence it’s mandatory to supply an isolator switch nearby the equipments and ideally at the sarting point of the high voltage circuit.

In a simple case, the isolator switch is a socket switch on the socket(s), where the high voltage equipments are connected.

In a more advanced system, an isolator switch can be a consumer unit with circuit breaker(s), a fuse box and even a rotating switch.

Operation and test


For safety purposes, operation of these units are logical.

Make sure, they work correctly and smooth. If the unit didn’t pass a simple test at spring opening, it has to be replaced by a skilled electrician.

Testing of the unit is carried out routinely at spring opening by our trained engineers.




Units are maintenance free if they are protected from external influence.


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