need irrigation system

preserving Your investment

hand watering

replacing the cumbersome hand watering drudge

save water

Saving water and money

chill in garden

Whilst you Chill In Your garden

Cut your water bill

Automatic irrigation is cost-effective by working at night when the natural evaporation is the least. Neither over- nor underwatering but the right amount for every plant.

Save The World

Saving the valuable drinking water is the main point where an irrigation system is unbeatable.

Further lot can be saved with rain harvesting and smart controllers.

Enjoy Your Free Time

Get rid of hand watering frees up a lot of time. You can spend it with more productive activities or just bending back in the rockchair. The choice is yours.

Water Smarter

Do your plants need irrigation system Installation? Of course they do!

Continuous water supply is very important for plants. Especially for annuals and perennials in bloom and short ornamental shrubs.

Likewise indispensable for smaller and bigger flower pots and hanging baskets which can be drought easily in hot weather. Mainly if they stand on paved or pebbled surfaces.

And can’t forget to mention vegetable plots. For growing healthy harvests regular watering is essential.
Of course- if you expect uninterrupted evergreen lawn, irrigation is also inevitable. Nice turf is the most important ornament of a traditional English garden. Irrigation system can provide the best even water coverage for the lawn.

Trust your gardener. And trust The Gardener’s Rain!

Science of irrigation

Do you need irrigation system? Of course you do!

I am sure you felt yourself fed up with hand watering at least once. Fighting with long loopy hoses, always stopping reels at the end of a long hot day, when other to-dos are still waiting before falling in the bed… Would be great to have a robot, who could finish all the boring gardening things whilst you just enjoy the beauty without any effort.

Actually these robots exist. You have heard of lawn mower robots but you probably have never thought of irrigation system as an automatic way of doing one of the most boring repeatable task.

And not just making your life easier by replacing you, but a well-designed irrigation system can achieve more: providing the ideal amount of water in the best time for plants, avoiding most of the evaporation and even monitoring the forecast to reduce the chance of double watering.

Whilst you can do the one thing why you wanted a garden: enjoy it.

What Can You Expect From a Smart Irrigation System?

Smart watering

Wifi-enabled touchscreen controllers with easy-to-understand intuitive interface.
Control and monitor your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world.

Weather adjusmtent

Uses local weather data to water only when necessary.

various local sensors

Add more sensors to the system to fine-tune the emitted water amount.

Flow monitoring

Monitor the use of your water in the irrigation system.

Leak detection

Discover damages as soon as possible, before waste lots of money.

Advanced reporting

Detailed reports about water usage and program running. Useful information live.


Push notifications and and SMS alerts*.

Contractor permission

Let your favourite service engineer to monitor your system and intervene before any issue become a problem.

Lighting program

Operate your landscaping lights from your irrigation controller.

How quick can be to get irrigation system in Your Area

First day

Book A Free Consultation

Every garden is different and unique and this is amazing. Hence when you decided to get an irrigation system in your area installed in you garden we have to make a survey there and based on that to make a design.

First day

2-7 days

Clarify your needs

Based on the consultation and survey we supply an estimate with some recommendations to the planned system. Based on all these you can work out your final imagination regarding the ideal system you want.

2-7 days

3-8 days

Accept the quote

When you accept our quote you can be sure you are not just getting an easy-to-handle and high quality reliable system but one year guarantee and free service as well. Your system will be prepared for the season(s) and also for winter from the first connection to the last nozzle.

3-8 days

10-30 days

Get your system done

Most of the systems can be installed in two weeks from the order depending on demands and season (obviously the summer is always busy). If you have a possibility, don’t hesitate to contact us out of season and you can start to enjoy your watering-free summer when others are still waiting for their irrigation system in your area. What’s more there is longer time for your garden for regenerating after the installation before its intensive season starts.

10-30 days

What are the first steps?

Every garden is different, hence every irrigation system is different. We are really sorry, but cannot give even a far estimate without a survey.

The good news is: our surveys are free in our service area (see details on the booking page). Just book an appointment and one of our friendly engineers will be with you that time to learn your demands and take some measurements.

This is the right time to rethink your ideas as well. A well-designed system give answer for all your actual needs but there is a chance to make it expandable for later extensions. To avoid a costly extension, it’s better to get a controller with some extra capacity at the beginning.

Within a few days we will send you an estimate and call you to discuss if any changes are necessary.

  • Book your site survey appointment
  • Get your estimate
site visit
irrigation system installation process

Installation process

Irrigation systems can be compared to electric network. But they are built in your soil not in your house wall. There are much more hidden, then visible.

When we come up with installation of hidden parts, we mostly talking about pipes and pipes. Pipes connect the water source with different parts of the garden. Between them, there are distribution units to help dividing the available water pressure and flow among different parts of your garden.

Of course we don’t want to turn over your whole garden during the installation process because our main goal to establish a base of a nice garden with irrigation. So wherever it’s possible, pipework will be laid on the surface, invisibly. At bottom of matured hedges, fences, behind sheds and houses, the pipes don’t run in trenches.

But if there is no way to avoid we have to dig trenches. Feel free to have a look on the picture here. This is the way how we make trenches. And when the pipes are laid, the trenches will be covered and compacted. Our price includes recovery by seeding but we are ready to lay turf on the trace in case of demand.

  • Order your irrigation system
  • Follow what’s happening

Learn Your System

Irrigation systems know much more than you think. Stepping up from hoses to irrigation systems is like changing your dial phone with a smart phone.

Controller is the brain of your system. Nowadays they can be connected to the web and use actual and forecasted weather information to adapt the start and length of irrigation programs to the weather conditions. It’s not an extra hype but a very convenient way of saving the valuable water by up to 50%, in interest of the planet and your wallet.

You don’t have to fear of programming as the controllers installed by us have very intuitive and easy-to-use operating software. If you are still not confident, we can offer you our monitoring service via internet in our Optimum Plus Service Plan.
When your system is supplied with local freeze, wind, soil, rain or evaporation sensors, the program becomes more accurate.

Other parts of an irrigation system are also impressive. Water flow of lawn or bed sprinklers can be reduced or increased from head-by-head by replacing their nozzles (within some limitations). It makes possible to tailor the system to the changing and growing up garden during the years.
It’s also true for the planter emitters. Those bubblers can be adapted to any water demand anytime.
Beds or even part of the beds can be isolated temporarily in case of such a demand (for example when some veggie beds are not planted for longer).

There are some adjustments that can be done by you but you can let us to do them for you. Stay informed regarding these techniques via our Facebook page.

When you are fully aware of your system after the first season you will find your irrigation system an extremely useful thing in keeping your plants in the best condition.

  • Handover your system
  • Enjoy the time saved for you
wifi controller

Don’t take just our words…

Here are some real reviews from our customers that we are very proud of. Of course, if you prefer to get in touch with some of them, we can provide their contacts during the quoting process by request.

The Gardener's Rain Irrigation Specialists IconThe Gardener's Rain Irrigation Specialists

30 Middle Street, Great Gransden, Sandy

5.0 8 reviews

  • Avatar Paul Burgess
    Nick worked tirelessly in the rain installing our irrigation system. Communications were good and he was happy to provide helpful guidance. We were very pleased to find a reliable and professional partner in The Gardener's Rain and … More have already recommended them to neighbors.
    ★★★★★ 9 months ago
  • Avatar Rebecca Game
    For anyone considering a water irrigation system for their plants or grass, we couldn’t recommend Nick @gardeners rain irrigation specialists more highly. The system we have installed is fantastic. It can be operated remotely and adjusted … More simply.Nick is professional, efficient, hard working and a really lovely guy. From beginning to end, he has gone over and above in order to offer an excellent service. He completed the job in are fairly large and complex garden within 3 days. He started and completed the job earlier than expected even though he came across issues with unexpected excessive rubble and a thick plastic membrane that caused issues with machinery. He has left the garden neat and well seeded in the very thin trench required for the pipe work.We couldn’t be happier with the job Nick has done and with the heat wave this summer, I’m really pleased to have a well kept lush lawn that doesn’t require two hours of watering every evening. The system uses much less water, has a rain sensor and the night use ensure the water is used most effectively.We’re so impressed and grateful to Nick for all of his hard work.
    ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Avatar Rosey Matu
    This company is very helpful.Nick was amazing on both occasions and offered advice and support with my irrigation system.I thought I’d need to spend hundreds of pounds, installing a new system, but Nick was able to fix all the pipes and … More offered solutions going forward.Communication was prompt and efficient via email.Nick is genuinely a great guy. Nothing was too much trouble for him.I highly recommend this company.
    ★★★★★ a year ago
  • Avatar Kevin Sharp
    Approached Gardener’s Rain for a consultation. Nick explained thoroughly that the irrigation system I was after was possible , even with the areas where I had been told before pots and beds wouldn’t be covered.Happy to report the system … More was ordered, the communication throughout was excellent and the job was very efficiently carried out.This now allows us to have more control through the app than expected.Highly recommend Gardener’s Rain to anyone, very impressed from start to finish.
    ★★★★★ a year ago

The Gardener’s Rain always use the best quality irrigation parts and equipments from market-leader companies.

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