Oh, those pot gardens!…


I love pot gardens making even tiniest places attractive. Terracottas give rural feeling and those veneered pots can fit any architectural style and able to dilute even the strangeness of most rigid geometric shapes.

It can be more exciting with well-associated plants and the entrance or terrace gets brand-new character. But the demands of plants are overwritten by their ornamental value usually amongst others in case of root systems and water supplement because the most out must have been got of a small amount of space.

Designed by gardeners

Fortunately our team knows the solution of these problems. Our recommended dripping nozzles can be set pot by pot. Don’t forget to mention even the nutrient supplement can be provided all year by a fertilizer dispenser. Think about it if nobody can be found to look after your beloved perennials and dwarfish shrubs whilst you are away from home or you just look for convenient and reliable solution for this.

Can be smarter?

Finally we must not forget about smart controllers. These easy programmable equipments are the most amazing invention of irrigation. They are able to operate your system based on past precipitation and foreseeable weather data. Saying this is the best way nowadays to save valuable water even compared to the handy watering.