For maximum reliability and longevity

Irrigation system is the engine of your garden which gives your beloved plants appropriate water supplement especially during dry warm summer weeks. With our irrigation service plan you can protect your system from breaking down. 

Get the irrigation service fits your demands

If your system worked perfectly it means we have to meet twice a year only: at the starting process in spring and at winterizing in autumn. But our service plans you may cover all call-out service during one year regardless the nature of jobs. You choose the right Service Plan from our range below based on your demand and budget.

Essential for enthusiast DIY-ers

If your system in good hands especially the spring opening can be carried even by you. You can find a detailed description of spring opening on our site fits most system. Let us do the autumn closing and we will check health of your system then and do the spring opening yourself following the steps. If you feel yourself confident with some DIY job choose the Essential Plan.

Our most popular service plan

If you don’t want to bother with regular maintenance our popular Optimum Service Plan is your choice. We will do both spring opening and winter drainage for you right in time. All parts of the system will be chceked, tested and the necessary repairs will be carried. This is a convenient and worry-free solution but might need some upgrade to your system.

In addition to both plans above we provide 10% discount from call-out fees during season and 15% discount on list price of parts in case of Optimum Plan.

Premium Service Plan for maximum convenience

Our Premium service is for those clients who don’t want to hear abour the system at all just enjoy all benefits of it. Above all previous duties we regularly visit your property and check working of your system plus water loss will be monitored remotely. This way we can intervene immediately if any problem stepped up and repair the system. All call-out fee also covered and there is 30% discount on parts used for repairing.

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Spring recomission

Mid-year service

Autumn draining

Discount on call-out fees

Discount on part prices

Hot weather warning

Free timing adjust*

* In case of wifi controller


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