What is irrigation system at all?


What is irrigation system? A very comfortable and water-saving way of watering in the garden. Get started all the things you need to do at designing section is to define what you want to get watered.

Other circumstances, like soil difference, long-term shade, plants with different water demands, etc. will be considered during the design process within an affordable budget.

Your installed system does its job invisibly then. The water is sent to the plants usually by underground pipes. Sometimes overground installation might be necessary but the pipes still can be hidden by mulch to achieve the most aesthetic invisible installation.

How the lawn is irrigated?

Hidden pop-up sprinklers wait the water underneath the turf till watering time and other lawn maintenance jobs are let undisturbed. At that time the sprinkler nozzles are raising up the surface under influence of water pressure and irrigating the lawn based on its demand of water.

The system with some accessories can be used for dispensing liquid fertilizer mixed in the water what gives you an effortless and efficient way to achieve the expected continuous lawn quality.

Lawn sprinklers

Lawn sprinklers popped up by schedule


Drip irrigation in shrub bed

Solutions of beds

Different solutions exist to water different beds and plants according to their different demands. Ideally the best irrigation solution is selected by qualified horticulturalist (like in our company) to provide the appropriate system there. Valuable solitaire plants can be irrigated separately as well as differently sunshined beds can get distinctive irrigation. Either tiny sprinklers or even smaller emitters provide the water for the plants, black or brown plastic pipes leading to them carrying the water. They can be covered by bark, mulch or other soil cover to make them totally invisible.

Solenoid valves

Solenoid valves hidden underground

Smart controller

Smart irrigation controller installed in the house

What happens if raining?

The traditional irrigation system has an own schedule what runs as programmed in advance. The program can be interrupted by sensors what sense the rain. There are couple of rain sensors on the market but they all work pretty same: a micro switch obstructs running of the program. Most often these sensors are installed freely on roof (on a shed for example) and sense the amount of falling rain or in the soil to perceive the soil moisture.

There are some more complex solutions to calculate information from sunlight and evaporation.

And the newest invention of the irrigation industry: smart controllers.

How is the system be managed?

All these irrigation tasks above are managed by the irrigation controller and magnet valves. Last things are also hidden mostly in underground valve boxes in a less frequent part of the garden whilst the controller is mounted somewhere on an easily accessible place. But it isn’t necessary nowadays with spreading of smart controllers as they can be adjusted by mobile phones via WiFi.

Although irrigation controllers can be programmed with some affinity but they are programmed based on demands of the plants by qualified engineers at the end of the installation process so you don’t need to touch them at all. The new smart controllers already have ability to adjust the provided water amount on their own based on changing and even foreseeable weather conditions.

When an irrigation system starts, a program runs down and the separated watering zones get watered one by one. A period on a zone lasts till the necessary amount of water will be emitted to the plants or lawn then the next zone follows.

In lack of water pressure

If a garden smaller and/or the main water pressure is good and permanent an irrigation system looks like described before. At the other case some additional parts will be necessary like a pump and water tank.

Pressurized pumps are the most professional solutions as the pipework of irrigation system can be used to lead the water to taps anywhere in the garden as the water pressure is permanent in primer pipes of the system. But good to know the water from an irrigation tank cannot be consumed as it is not drinking water even if the tank is filled up from the main water system.

Cheaper variant is the relay-driven pump where the irrigation controller operates the pump when a system zone needs water for irrigation. At this case there was no water in the pipes between the tank and the solenoid valves if the system is not operating.

Of course an irrigation system is able to use rain water for irrigation saved the valuable drinking water with further additional parts but this is a topic of an other article.

You know now what is irrigation system.

What is irrigation system maintenance?

Like every system, for example power net or water supply in a house the irrigation system also needs check and maintenance. For the problem-free working the system needs to be drained before wintertime by all means to avoid frost damage and ideally a spring health check is useful before the season starts. But these things don’t last long and cost little penny but go ahead to the later problems.

Water tank and pump

Irrigation pump installed in water tank


System draining before winter frosts

A reliable irrigation system can take off many weight from your shoulders so you don’t have to bother a time-consuming and boring task anymore while your plants get optimal water supplement, probably better than ever before. Besides all that you will save water and -of course-money as well.