What you must now about smart controllers

What you must now about smart controllers

Sprinkler timer (or irrigation controller) the brain of irrigation system. It manages the start and duration of watering on each zones based on pre-programmed schedule.

Couple of sensors can be connected to the timers, like rain or soil moisture sensors. These sensors interrupt the irrigation program if perceive too much water to avoid the overwatering.

More advanced timers handle and work up information from evapotranspiration sensors taking into consider deeper context of their micro-environment.

All of these possibilities are very useful but now outdated. New smart controllers stepped over the old ones by their improved properties.

Has to be admitted to time is over above old controllers. They are dumb, programming of these are very confusing and there are several points where their running are unreliable. That was a very logical step in evolution of controllers when the new smart sprinkler timers were launched.

Rachio smart controller

Smart controller installed in shed

Working of smart controllers is based on the Big Data like lots of great invention nowadays. Availability of past and real-time weather information on the internet is pretty straightforward because we all use them on our mobile phone via weather apps. In fact these are one of the most famous application on smart phones. And of course most of us mainly interests in rain information getting to know what we have to wear.

In a garden exactly these information are neccessary if we wanted to influence the irrigation process towards the right direction. If there were lots of rain in the past two-threee days or certain amount of rainfall expected, the irrigation can be reduced, paused or delayed. 

On the contrary the strength and length of sunshine and/or potential temperature can give reason for raising of irrigation time as well. At this case the smart sprinkler timer is able to change schedule to add some extra water for plants.

In addition to these wind speed and humidity along with landscape characteristics such as soil type, plant type and shade will be considered at the right decision of watering. (Depending on the irrigation system design.)

Based on data of many customers in the US, the average saving of water around 40-45% can be achieved by smart sprinkler timer besides of same quality of lawn.

Rachio  smart controller remote app

Smart controller remote app in working

Don’t forget to mention programming of a smart controller is much easier than the older ones. The process can be done via its Android or iPhone apps supported by online help altough the UI more simpler than you think. Forgot about a family garden dinner? You can program, reprogram or amend anything from the other side of the Earth too.

Furthermore it is not even really neccessary as the sprinkler timer can be available via internet from the office of your irrigation system service company in framework of Yearly Service Plan.

GreenIQ smart controller

GreenIQ smart controller

Nowadays home management systems are pretty popular. Our smart irrigation controller can be integrated with the most common home automation systems like Amazon or Nest, and can be operated with IFTT platform to connect other systems.

If you are convinced to upgrade smart irrigation controller we have a good news for you.

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