Do I need an irrigation system? Spoiler alert: yes!

Do I need an irrigation system? Spoiler alert: yes!

Before we answer to the question whether you need irrigation system in your garden or don’t we have to make another thing clear. First question used to be arisen related to this: is an irrigation system really necessary in a country like this? After the 2018 and 2019 summers the answer is definitely yes.

More ornament for bed plants

To be honest most of the common plants could vegetate without extra watering in this climate. They will loose their ornamental value quickly but if you are happy with it then don’t bother to have irrigation system.

But as long as you have a nice garden you probably want to achieve longer ornamental value stronger growing and healthier look. At this case you have to equalize the hectic natural precipitation by added water. Shockingly in the driest summer months. And good to know: this situation becomes worse in the next decade. Although the winter precipitation increases by around 30% the summer one decreases by 50-70 according to climate models.

Benefit for planters

Drought is menacing for your beloved plants if they are either tightened into small planters or live in weak easy-to-dry soil during their most productive period. Especially annualls and perennials are exposed to the fast drying-up when they quickly loose their energy in full blooming.

Some of exotic plants demand higher humidity or damp soil and both are obviously good reasons besides an irrigation system. So you definitely need irrigation system.

The lawn case

The lawn is a different case. By a consequent maintenance plan you can grow perfect lawn. But good to know strict regulations must be observed in the field of soil preparation, fertilization, chemical plant protection and mechanical cultivation. And you still have a chance to have a dry period during the summer and the lawn will be burnt or loose its vitality just in that period when the other techniques above cannot help to keep its genuine beauty. And you have to wait more weeks getting our green lawn back.

This situation is frustrating because there are hardly few weeks in the year to enjoy your garden and turf. The best practice to avoid this and apply less from the other works is the installation of an irrigation system.

Vegetables also need irrigation

Most important goal to achieve with a vegetable garden to get healthy tasty home-grown harvests from controlled source. Don’t think there are better things than pick own fleshy tomatoes or springy courgettes from your plots. Or walk out there and collect some strawberries for the kids as a healthy snack in the afternoon. But all these plants need regular watering means you have to spend lots of time with that boring job. There is no more convenient way triggering this than install irrigation system.

Earth needs irrigation as well

A well-designed irrigation system not just makes the gardening easier and more enjoyable. It provides the water for the plants right in time at the right place.

Dripline originally designed in one of the driest country in the world: Israel. Fantasctic results have been achieved with this technology: 80% water-saving compared to traditional agricultural irrigation. Since this stunning technology is available in gardening every garden owners has the possibility to reduce her/his water consumption by providing the water right at its location of usage: at the root zone.

And the developments are not stopped yet. Newest inventions, like smart controllers and connected sensors are able to adjust the starting and running times to the past weather and the forecast as well. No more unneccessary evaporation during midday watering. The irrigation system will run at the best time and save water and money for you.

Rain harvesting

Have you ever thought your every sqm of your house could collect at least 700 l rainwater a year? Just multiply the floor area to this number and get how many water going waste without rain harvesting only from your property. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Unfortunately without costly filterizing the rainwater cannot be used for other duties and never as drinking water. Despite this rainwater is the best source for irrigation. Due to its composition and pH rainwater is better for plants than main water.

Of course all these water cannot be stopped on the property and used as irrigation water due to dispersion of precipitation during the year but it’s still a big opportunity to save lot’s of main water and get the garden irrigated.

Mass of benefits

Having an irrigation system is a win-win situation. Balanced water supply for plants, conserve water for future of the Earth and saving money for you. Above all that it will save you the time time you spent with hand watering before and literally increases value of your property. That’s why you need irrigation.

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