Are you struggling to find a reliable irrigation professional?

Or you just fed up to wait for the service visit?

service offer

Then our 2022 service offer is right for you.

And right in time.

Spring started and rain stopped. Every plant wants water, so this is the time for recommission your irrigation system. If you don’t have a contract or would like to get rid of your existing irrigation system contractor, get our fantastic service offer now.

Don’t hesitate to call us or book a service visit online. Our irrigation engineers are looking forward to hearing from you and ready to get to your property. After a short recognition process they will reopen your system in professional manner.

This service offer including but not limited to:

  • Open water supply
  • Clean mechanical filters, including rain harvesting filters
  • Recomission of irrigation pump and relay
  • Test float switch(es)
  • Controller check including batteries
  • Reprogramming controller
  • Test sensor(s)
  • Check & test zones
  • Check popups, micro sprinklers, dripline, pot emitters
  • Adjust popups
  • Unclogging sprinklers
  • Fixing leaks and damaged parts
  • Replacing non-working parts*

And all this quickly and efficiently. For Hertfordshire and North London customers only.

If anything has to be replaced above 20£, it will be discussed before acting.

Our friendly engineers will discuss your setting demands with you and leave a program schedule for later reference. They also give free advice to make your system more efficient and water-saving when it’s possible.

Sounds good? Then you have to see the prices!

Spring recommission For Only 199£

One Year Service For Only 299£

And it’s valid for all system regardless of zone numbers, water source or boosting!*

Don’t worry about plans or drawings! Our irrigation engineers are well trained and experienced. They will be working out how your system is installed and make it work.

When it’s not possible because there is something bigger work needs to be done on the system, we will send you an affordable estimate about what needs to be reconditioned or replaced to achieve this goal.

Don’t hesitate to contact us because the season has been started and we are getting busier.

This service offer is valid till 31/04/2022.

*For full terms and conditions, please visit this page.