Be that envied neighbour with luxurious green lawn. Get lawn sprinklers installed.


You can’t imagine what difference can lawn sprinklers make in your lawn. Especially compared to if your lawn is referred to the unpredictable rain only. Appearing of dried haulms cannot be avoided in mid summer without continuous water supplement. Although they can only be realised by a closer look but the whole lawn looks yellowish green in the big picture.

without lawn sprinklers

Lawn with dry patches before installation

with lawn sprinklers

Same lawn one year after installation

There are stages in achieving the perfect lawn beginning with drainage, full soil changing, etc. A good irrigation system with possibly fertilizer dispenser possesses with one of the biggest added value among these. Especially if we use the latest technical invention in the residential irrigation industry: smart wi-fi controllers.

Why are smart?

This means far more than order the lawn sprinklers back down the earth at rain. These controllers are able to take into account actual weather data directly from the closest weather station and the forecasts in your area and these information will be used to find the ideal time, duration and frequency for watering.

What else may be covered?

Of course we care about the other parts of your garden because an irrigation system is modular. Pots, flowering annual, perennial or shrub beds, trees can be watered as different zones and all of them operated from the same controller.

Programming of smart controllers are not confusing. Easily can be solved from your mobile phone, tablet or PC via internet even from the other side of the Earth anytime. Or you can manage the system via popular home management systems, like Nest, Alexa, Echo or more.

And can be better?

But the best idea to leave everything to us as we also able to reach your controller from our office.  Our Yearly Service Plan covers that, without disturbing your private life if any adjusting is neccessary.

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