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What Optimum Service Plan includes

Blowing out water from pipeline as part of Optimum Service Plan
Winter drainage by air

There are two important service in a year for irrigation systems because they don’t operate during the winter season. Why? Because there are lots of small precise parts can be found in the system and they are very sensitive to frost. Water damage could ruin their working.

First of all every system needs winter draining when the water is going to be blown out from the pipework and these parts.

Of course the spring opening is about recomission of a dormant system. Checking of working the whole system including sensors. Reprogramming controller(s) including timing and change batteries when it’s necessary.

Cleaning of grass roots around popups to make them spinning, adjust them to the right angle and distance.

Unclogging micro sprinklers and other emitters, fixing leaks on their pipes and replacement of non-operating parts. Visual check of working on driplines to make sure they emit the right amount of water.

As long as you chose the automatic irrigation to make your life easier we offer you these two service in one package. This is our Optimum Service Plan.

In addition to this plan above we provide 10% discount from call-out fees plus 15% on parts during the season.

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