Call the man out in urgent need

You probably need irrigation repair of something unexpected happened with your irrigation system.  Our engineers are always ready to help.

Sometimes problems turn up because what can get damaged that will. And if you don’t know where to turn to we are here to provide professional help.

Use our online booking system and choose a convenient appointment from our calendar. Several afternoon and weekend appointments are available to avoid the causeless day-offs just for waiting a repair.

But we got an even better idea!

Why don’t you order a yearly service plan to avoid the call-out fee?

‚ÄčIn trouble now?

Run through our practical advices below what to do to minimize further damage.

First step to irrigation repair. Switch off the controller.
Rotating switches

Water leaking somewhere

If you have pump in your system just switch off your irrigation controller by turning the centre switch to the “Off'” position. If there is no pump in the system, jump on the next step.

If the water is still running turn off the main water tap where your irrigation system is connected to.

Take pictures about the damage caused by the leak and send us with the online call-out booking together.

Smoke or flame

Sounds serious. Unless the smoke or fire around the irrigation controller or outside pump something else must cause the problem.

Switch off the main fuse in your house immediately and call an electrician.

Too much water / flood

If your plants are flooded by irrigation water it often means there is a problem with the programming.

Please switch off the controller by the centre turning switch and book an appointment with us for irrigation repair.

Uncoordinated or unsystematic irrigation

Definitely a programming problem. Please switch off your controller and run through the manual or our guide of programming traditional controllers.

Most of the traditional irrigation controllers have confusing programming process. If you have one of them please book an appointment online to get that straight on.

If you have smart irrigation controller with wifi connection you can ask our office to look into the schedule and fix the program. It’s free if you had a service plan.

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