Popup sprinkler

Popup sprinkler

Popup sprinkler 1

Popup sprinkler or popup is a jet emitter. Usually its plastic housing is sunk in the soil in line with the ground surface so the equipment is hardly visible.

When the zone with it is getting water pressure its mechanism raising its stem above the surface. There is a specially designed part,called nozzle on the top end of the stem which supplies the water out as a jet to the desired area. Design of the nozzle makes possible to supply the water evenly along with the jet. Whilst the sprinkler is under pressure, the stem is rotating around and the jet covers a circular area with the popup in its origo.

There are different popups and nozzles are manufactured for satisfying all demands regarding water flows and area sizes.
Sprinklers are commonly used to irrigate lawn but they can be used to supply water for perennials or shrub beds as well.

Special demands like keeping away of wild animals (eg foxes) can also be sorted with sprinklers (under other conditions).