Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation 1

Drip zone is designed for supplying water for perennials, vegetables, trees and shrubs.
Water is not sprayed, rather dropped on the ground, near the surface. It’s a very efficient way to avoid the strong evaporation so most of the water can be taken by the plants.

Drip pipes run on the surface paralelly, 30 cm from each other all along the bed and fixed down to the ground by plastic hooks. This density provides the even water coverage for the bed.

There are small emitters applied in the drip pipes evenly (usually at every 30 or 50 cm). These emitters provide same amount of water hourly during running of the zone. Right amount of water based on demand of plants can be supplied by adjusting the running time of the zone.

Drip irrigation can still be used where the pressure is not enough to use sprinklers.

Basic driplines can be covered by mulch ar bark but not recommended by soil or compost.

Unfortunately due to their density and possible coverage there is a good chance to get the pipe damaged during usual garden maintenance. Fortunately dripline can easily be repaired.