Say GooDbye To Your Watering Can

Thank you for your booking. See you soon.

You might be eligible for our free rain sensor offer by our Terms & Conditions below.

This offer is valid from 01.01.2020 till withdrawal.

Eligibility criteria:
– quote value exceeds £2.000,
– there is a sensor input on the system quoted,
– first quote is accepted within 7 days of its issue,
– deposit is paid together with acceptance.

Hunter MiniClik or similar wired normally closed rain sensor (or similar) will be installed on the new system, within 7m of the controller/valve box/any other place which is affected by trenches made during the installation process. If a wired rain sensor cannot be installed, a wireless rain sensor can be chosen on a reduced price.

Only one rain sensor is supplied to one property in this offer, regardless of the number of systems are installed.